Our Approach to ESG

ESG is nothing new for us. It’s part of JFrog’s DNA and it always has been because doing business for good is good for business.

We report regularly on ESG at our Board level. Our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee receives quarterly updates on a variety of ESG topics.



>95% of frogs have completed our mandatory data privacy and cyber security training


50% of the independent board
members are women


>95% of IT Equipment
Recycled or Donated

ipo women
Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

It is important to play our part in protecting the future of the planet. Across all our offices we evaluate our operations to consider where we can minimize, mitigate, or eliminate our environmental impact.

We also encourage our employees; the frog’s power, to support practical environmental initiatives such as beach cleaning days to remove single use plastics that harm sea birds and animals, build and maintain sustainable habitats for local bird populations and other wildlife and more. We also donated funds to support forest conservation around California after the fires.

Governance Commitment

Our focus on governance starts at the top. Our governance approach is uncompromising: there is zero flexibility on non-compliance. Our executive team feels a sense of personal responsibility, not least because they developed the policies we have in place. Their commitment transcends our organization. As an example, all our frogs need to complete an annual governance module on our training platform. Each topic in the module brings our approach to life and reminds our frogs that good governance is an everyday issue.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Partners